Summit on Stopping Small Business Break-Ins hosted by Deputy Mayor Colle on March 1st, 2024

Thank you to all those that attended the Summit on Stopping Small Business Break-Ins hosted by Deputy Mayor Colle in the Council Chamber On March 1st, 2024.

For those that were not able to join us, we were addressed by Mayor Chow, Councillor Colle, Councillor Nunziata, Councillor Moise, Small Business advocate and Councillor Fletcher. A number of subject matter experts spoke regarding some of the initiatives they are undertaking to deal with B&Es, POS Terminal Theft and Crime prevention in general. A number of victims of POS terminal thefts spoke to their experience(s) and the feeling of victimization they experienced above the monetary losses, which in most cases were significant. The Toronto Police Service was well represented and shared their experiences with this issue and the work they are doing with other jurisdictions to best address small business crime and break-ins.

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Please find below electronic versions of TPS brochures for your reference and distribution as you see fit. For hard copies, please contact the TPS as noted in the brochure or contact your local TPS division and its Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) department.

Summit Presentations (PDFs)

Toronto Police Services Brochures (PDFs)

Toronto Police Services Local Business Watch Sign (PDF)

May be downloaded, printed and posted in store-front windows.