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Welcome to Church-Wellesley Village!

The Church Wellesley Village Business Improvement Area is one of Canada’s most vibrant communities. It was formally recognized as a B.I.A. in 2002.

As history informs us, in 1817, Alexander Wood, a merchant and magistrate of the City of York was involved in a homophobic scandal and was exiled back to his native home of Scotland. He returned to York in 1821 where he lived for the following 21 years. During that time, he purchased the land of which the Church Wellesley Village now stands.

Practically two hundred years later we are still a thriving alternative community made up of an assortment of ethnicities, economic backgrounds and identities. Historically anchored by the LGBT community as an international entertainment and political destination, the village is growing and transitioning into one of Toronto’s most significant addresses.

Located within the central corridor of downtown Toronto and easily accessible by various means of public and private transit, the village is already home to thousands of residents and over 125 businesses ranging from unique shops and services to popular entertainment establishments all conveniently located within 3 city blocks.

In addition, the Church Wellesley Village hosts several events such as the annual Pride Toronto celebration in late June. We were proud to Host the North American Premiere of World Pride in 2014.

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65 Wellesley Street East, Suite 406 Toronto ON M4Y 1G7