Property Tax

TABIA’s Submission to the Ministry of Finance – Nov 2020 Provincial Budget

On Thursday, October 15, 2020 TABIA’s Vice President and Chair of our Tax Committee, Mr. Lionel Miskin was invited to attend and the Ministry of Finance’s budget input conference and make a submission on behalf of TABIA. 

“TABIA is the umbrella organization for over 80 Toronto Business Improvement Areas with an aggregate business membership of somewhere in the 35 to 40,000 range. The issue which has been foremost on the minds of our membership from the inception of Current Value Assessment was property tax, until Covid and the problems it has brought.  Other than payroll and rent, property tax is the highest overhead expense for most of these businesses, and sometimes the highest expense, especially for the mom and pop merchants. The tax has been dragging down small business since it was introduced and continues to do so particularly on the main streets, notwithstanding the multitude of tweaks and amendments which have been made to it almost on an annual basis…”

Click here for PDF version of full submission