TABIA and Councillor Bradford call for end of Restrictions Limiting Live Streaming

On April 27, TABIA and Councillor Bradford submitted the following letter to Premier Ford on recent restrictions limiting the live streaming performances.

Dear Premier Ford,

Thank you for your continued efforts in Ontario’s difficult fight against COVID-19. We are writing to you on behalf of Toronto’s 85 Business Improvement Areas, representing over 90,000 businesses and property owners across the city.

We understand the need for increased measures to control the virus at this time. However, we are hearing from a number of live music venues that the recent restrictions limiting live streaming performances are having a major and disproportionate impact on their business.

As you know, the live music industry has been one of the hardest hit in the pandemic since their entire focus is on bringing people together, in-person to share experiences. These measures feel inconsistent when television and film industries can remain operational. The industry is also feeling an incredible amount of uncertainty as a clear plan or framework for safely reopening venues is not yet in place.

Venues have made significant investments to meet public health guidelines so they could continue live streaming performances to support artists, help fans stay connected and find relief from the languishing so many of us are feeling during the pandemic.

On behalf of our communities of businesses, live music entertainers and music-lovers across Toronto, we are asking you to please work with us on a plan to bring back the joys of live music. A lot of work will be needed to keep venues, artists, staff, and music-lovers safe. The time to start is now.


Councillor Bradford
John Kiru, TABIA Executive Director

PDF version available here