Toronto BIAs

Welcome to Midtown Yonge!

MYBIA, short for Midtown Yonge Business Improvement Area, is not just an organization—it’s a thriving ecosystem of local business members, residents, and visitors working together to create a welcoming and inclusive community in Midtown Toronto.

At MYBIA, we believe in the power of unity and collaboration. Our mission is to promote economic growth, community development, and cultural vitality in the Midtown Yonge area. Through innovative initiatives, exciting events, and strategic partnerships, we strive to showcase the unique charm and diversity of our neighborhood while supporting the success of our local businesses.

So why MYBIA? Because here, you’re not just a business, a customer or a resident—you’re an essential part of our community fabric. At MYBIA, you become an active participant in shaping the future of Midtown Yonge, where everyone has a voice and a stake in our shared success. Whether you’re a business owner looking to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, a resident seeking vibrant local experiences, or a visitor eager to explore hidden gems, MYBIA has something special to offer you. Come join us and experience the magic of MYBIA—the place where community ownership transforms into boundless possibilities!