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Welcome to Korea Town!

Korea Town is the perfect place to taste Korean culture and food. Korea Town is centered along Bloor Street West between Christie and Bathurst Streets. Korea Town is primarily a business district offering a wide range of Korean restaurants, high-end-fashion Korean boutiques, herbalists, acupuncturist and many other unique services and shops with filled with made-in-Korea merchandise. Try Korean BBQs, pork-bone soup, and variety of vegetarian dishes, they are delicious, spicy and healthy foods. Some restaurants are open for 24 hours. Enjoy a night at no-rae-bang (karaoke room) where you and your friends can sing in an individual room without the fear of a big crowd. Our signature event is the Dano Festival which is held on the first weekend of June at Christie Pits Park. It presents tremendous Korean martial art demonstrations, traditional music and dance.

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