Toronto BIAs

Welcome to Albion Islington Square!

Albion Islington Square Business Improvement Area is a unique shopping district, showcasing a mix of retail shops, including the highest concentration in Toronto of jewellers that specialize in 22 and 24 karat gold and diamond designer jewellery.

The area also boasts a wide range of clothing & textile shops, featuring traditional, casual and exquisite hand-embroidered apparel, salons, skin care and laser centres, food speciality shops, medical services, pharmacies, lawyers, accountants, mortgage specialists, and travel agencies.

From Tandoor Oven to Wok to Skillet, Albion Islington Square offers a pick of restaurants from South Asia, the Caribbean and around the globe, all offering up sumptuous delicacies.

Location: This vibrant commercial area along Albion Road from Lund Avenue to west of John Grubb Court; north of Calstock Drive to Albion West Plaza and Islington Avenue north of Sandhill Drive to the Bell Canada building; north of Thistletown Multi Service Centre grounds to south of Wardlaw Crescent.