The Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) is a non-profit umbrella organization representing the City of Toronto’s 72 Business Improvement Areas who in turn represent more than 30,000 businesses & property owners.


• To promote strong, effective and successful BIAs in the City of Toronto.

• To encourage joint initiatives and collaboration by groups of BIAs on issues and mutually beneficial projects, including studies and research on marketing.

• To encourage and facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and ideas among BIAs through such means as newsletters, seminars, workshops for the benefit of BIAs in general, as well as their individual members.

• To assist BIAs in pooling their resources to achieve the maximum benefit feasible.

• To provide advocacy to influence policies affecting BIAs, and to obtain support funds and services for BIAs from all levels of government, institutions, agencies and other organizations.

• To seek the interest of BIAs in government tourism policies and in the implementation of those policies.

In keeping with our objectives we have compiled a Resource Guide for BIAs and Small Business. 

 TABIA Resource Guide for BIAs and Small Businesses