Meeting Date  Presentation 
01.17.2017 Sidewalk Café Manual Stakeholder Update 2017 
  Café Marketing Permit Fee Review TABIA 2017
03.21.2017 Job Incentive Program Overview 
  TO Canada With Love
  City of Toronto Bicycle Parking Strategy 
 04.18.2017 Paver Fees
  Urban Forestry 
  BIA Capital Cost-Share Program
 05.16.2017 Construction Notification Stakeholder Communication Process
  311 Toronto
  Proposed Changes to On Street Parking - TPA
 06.20.2017 June 2017 Cafe Design Guidelines
  Street Events: Council Approved Fees 
  Proposed Changes to On Street Parking - TPA Phase 2
 09.19.2017 Commercial Bag & Bin Fees 
  TO360 Wayfinding Strategy Part 3 
  TPA Bike Share
  Economic Development and Culture Divisional Strategy (2018-2022) Consultation
 11.21.2017 Public Appointment & Board Governance Opportunities
  Night Mayor