Notwithstanding all of TABIA’s efforts, the Provincial Government shows no indication of wanting to provide property tax relief to our membership or to Toronto businesses generally.  Every indication is that the pending Provincial Budget will ignore the property tax situation.  At the same time, while purporting to assist owners of commercial property, the City of Toronto has implemented a policy which will increase the property tax burden on many businesses at an unprecedented rate, along with a promise of relief some 15 years hence.

In an effort to bring more public awareness to these debilitating tax policies, TABIA has prepared these three posters in two sizes (11 x 17 and 16 x 20).

TAX COMMITTEE Poster Campaign
Commercial Property Taxes...the Death of Neighbourhood Business Brought to you by Provincial Property Taxation Commercial Property Taxes at Work

Click image for larger version of posters

We encourage all BIA’s and all BIA members to obtain copies for placement in store windows and other locations where they might attract attention from the public.

To obtain posters please call the TABIA office at 416 263-3295.

For more detailed background information on property taxes:

TABIA 2008 AGM Tax Committee Report PDF version - taxcommreptagmapr29-08 

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TABIA faces off with the Liberal Caucus:
What’s the difference between the left and right side of the road?
About 32% in education taxes.
From TABIAnews, Fall 2006
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TABIA Tax Committee Report.
From TABIA’s Resource Guide for BIAs and Small Businesses, 2007
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HTML version - taxcttee

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