Shedding Light on Green Power - Solar and Conservation Fair Engages the Etobicoke Lakeshore Community around Renewable Energy and Conservation. 

Toronto, ON- August 15, 2011

On Saturday September 10, 2011, the 2nd Annual Solar and Conservation Fair hosted by local Lakeshore Business Improvement Areas and organized by TABIA’s greenTbiz program will take place at the Assembly Hall in South Etobicoke from 11 am to 4 pm. This one-day community event will feature exhibitors, vendors and speakers on topics related to renewable energy, conservation and environmental sustainability. The event is open to residents and businesses. 

Admission is free.

The Fair is an opportunity for people who not only care about reducing their environmental footprint, but also want to learn how to benefit financially from taking on green initiatives. Last year, the emphasis of the Fair was on solar education. This year it is expanding in scope to meet the broader interests and needs of the community. Attendees can go to seminars on topics such as residential rooftop solar technology and community power, speak to exhibitors who are providing sustainable food options and solar technology, find out about green career opportunities, sample locally-sourced refreshments and learn how to build a community power project.

“Even though Ontario has implemented the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, not all communities have easy access to the knowledge and tools required to participate in this emerging sustainable economy” says Robert Wakulat, principal of Wakulat|Law and program manager of greenTbiz. “Small business owners and residents are busy and don’t necessarily have the time to research how they can participate in the province’s emerging green economy. This type of event is designed to bring them that information and make it more accessible to businesses, residents and community groups.”

The Fair itself is an example of community spirit, created and planned with the participation of local business associations, dedicated volunteers and non-profit community groups who share a passion for a cleaner, healthier and prosperous future. It offers members of the community the opportunity not only to learn about alternative energy from industry leaders, but also from each other. “If you want to find like-minded people in your community to develop projects such as a community power initiative, then this event is a place where you can meet people and discuss ways to make it happen,” adds Wakulat. The Fair will also help the local economy by featuring several local business, giving residents the opportunity to directly support their neighbourhood business owners.  

This project has received funding support from the Ontario Power Authority through the Community Energy Partnerships Program. Such support does not indicate endorsement by the OPA or the Province of Ontario of the contents of this material. The views expressed in the material are the views of the Recipient and do not necessarily reflect those of the OPA or the Province of Ontario. 

For more information, please contact Robert Wakulat by email at robert [at] wakulat [dot] ca or by phone 416.458.4841.

For a pdf version of this presss release: Conservation and Solar Fair on the Lakeshore