John J. Kiru, Executive Director of TABIA-Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas, today announced a major initiative to support local neighborhood businesses.

"As world leading economists have stated, the backbone of this economy is small business.  To lead our way out of this recession we need to support the local business person throughout Toronto," Kiru said.

The Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas is launching a unique awareness campaign throughout the 71 BIA locations across the city to encourage residents to shop in their neighborhoods and support their local businesses.

"Think Big-Buy Local" posters will soon be appearing in bus shelters throughout Toronto.  TTC Subway posters and local community newspapers will also carry the message. Featured on a rotation of nine designs will be photographs of actual BIA business proprietors in their shops or offices.

Catch phrases will headline each poster pertaining to a specific business.  For example, the poster featuring tailor Saul Korman, of the Greektown on the Danforth BIA, taking suit measurements on a customer will read: "MY NEIGHBOUR Says Size Matters."

The poster with a photo of West Indian cook Ed Pottinger in his kitchen in the Riverside BIA will headline: "MY NEIGHBOUR Jerks My Chicken."

The idea, says Kiru, "Is to encourage residents in the many different areas of the city to shop in their own neighbourhood.  TABIA intends to boost all BIA businesses throughout the city to aid in the recovery of the recession."  Kiru professes, "We must attack this business recession from the bottom up and build and support local neighbourhood businesses the best way we can."

This campaign with the attached poster examples is created for TABIA by its Agency of Record, The Backroom Agency, Strategic Marketing and Communications.


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 For a pdf of Think Big - Buy Local Posters