The third annual Beaches BIA Family Day Festival drew children and parents from across the city to Queen Street and Kew Gardens, with a day-long event featuring entertainment, play and craft activities, and sales at many stores.  

 No kidding, Beach Family Day is great success
Kew Gardens and Queen Street were packed for the Beach BIA's third annual Family Day Festival. Pygmy goats from the Bowmanville Zoo, along with llamas and other animals, drew kids to Kew Gardens, while other activities throughout the Beach kept children entertained throughout the afternoon


In Kew Gardens, the Fashion Faux Paws dog fashion show drew a large crowd, including Pickles, who lapped up the attention from the kids sitting in the front row. 

 DJ Trevor and Brittany had kids of all ages crowding the dance floor in the basement of the Beach United Church.

 Juno-nominated singer Mary Lambert had kids on stage helping her perform children's songs.


 Magician Tricky Ricky capped off his humour-infused act with an appearance by a traditional magic rabbit.