TABIA is pleased to bring our members the online version of the BIA Operating Handbook.


In order to ensure that the most up to date version of the Handbook is available to TABIA Members the following index and links will take you to the City of Toronto website for the most up to date version of the BIA Handbook.

Get AcrobatIndividual sections of the published Handbook are available for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

An index with related links to each section are listed below for your convenience.

Please note: Some of the forms and documents contained in the Handbook are time sensitive and will be updated from time to time.

 Table of Contents

BIA Overview A
  • Definitions:
    • Business Improvement Areas (BIAs)
    • City of Toronto BIA Office
    • Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA)
Board of Management Overview B
  • Main Functions and Responsibilities
  • BIA Membership
  • BIA General Membership Information Requests
Creating Your BIA Procedural By-Law C
  • Introduction and Background
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Preamble
  • General
  • Board of Management Officers
  • Board Meetings
  • Membership Meetings
  • Committees of the Board
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Code of Conduct
  • Confidentiality and Privacy of Information
  • Standard of Care
BIA Insurance Coverage D
  • Commercial General Liability Coverage
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Property
  • Group (Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas Employee Benefit Package)
Creating a Business Plan and Budget E
  • Sample: BIA Business Plan Table of Contents
  • Sample: Annual General Meeting (AGM) Notice (including simplified budget)
  • Sample: Detailed BIA Budget Forms
  • Sample: Budget Approval Schedule
  • Samples: Financial Statements
  • BIA Audit Requirements
  • GST Rebates
Running Effective Meetings F
  • Sample: Board Meeting Agenda
  • Robert's Rules of Order - Light Version
  • Minute Taking Guidelines
  • Sample: Meeting Minutes and Format
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) Requirements
Funding Sources G
  • City of Toronto BIA Support Program
  • Other Funding Sources
Streetscaping and Capital Projects H
  • BIA Capital Cost-Sharing Program Guidelines
  • Financial Processing Procedure
Interacting with Government and the Community I
  • Community Links
  • Locating Property Owner Members
  • Key City BIA Contacts
  • City Councillors
  • Police Divisions
Hiring Office Staff & Retaining Consultants J
  • Hiring Office Staff
  • Samples: Classified Ads
  • Sample: Job Description
  • Interview Questions
  • Retaining Consulting Services: Request for Proposal - Critical Components
  • Samples: Requests for Proposals
  • Sample: Consultant Contract
  • Employee or Business Relationship
  • Employment Legislation
  • GST
Recruiting and Motivating Volunteers K
  • Volunteer Checklist
  • Guide for Developing Volunteer Job Descriptions
  • Recruiting and Motivating Volunteers
  • Interview Tips
Writing Funding Proposals L
  • Funding Proposal Writing Strategy
  • Fundraising Applications
  • Sample Budget Sheet
  • "To Do" Checklist
  • Application Self-Evaluation Form
Event Planning, Promotions and Communications M
  • Special Events Checklist
  • Key City and Agencies Checklist
  • Promotional Ideas
  • Cross Promotions
  • Sponsorships
  • Student Help
  • Advertising
  • Newsletters
  • Guidelines for a BIA website
TABIA Discount & Affinity Programs N
  • What is TABIA
  • Advocacy
  • Discounts for Toronto BIA Board Members
  • Discounts for Toronto BIA Members
  • Education and Information Resources
  • Promotional Opportunities
  • Networking Opportunities
Other City Services & Key Contacts O
  • Additional Services Offered by Economic Development
  • Key Contacts
Relevant City of Toronto Municipal Code By-laws, Guidelines and Processes P
  • Relevant City of Toronto Municipal Code By-laws, Guidelines and Processes
  • City-wide Graffiti Team
Other Important City Policies Q
  • Code of Conduct for Members of Council
  • Municipal Conflict of Interest Act Policies and Sample Acknowledgement form
  • Policy on Political Activities
  • Requests for Proposals and Tender/Quotation Calls
  • Lobbying Disclosure Policy
  • Office of the Lobbyist Registrar
  • Anti-Racism, Access and Equity Policy Guidelines
  • Declaration of Non-Discrimination
  • Freedom of Information
  • Acknowledgements