Welcome to Bloor Yorkville

Founded by entrepreneur Joseph Bloor in 1830, the Village of Yorkville has always been the heart and soul of Toronto. Distinguished by Victorian houses, quaint laneways and picturesque gardens, it has had many incarnations since it's beginning.

Rooted in the hip counter-culture of the 1960s when peace rallies and coffee houses were a sign of the times, Bloor-Yorkville has grown into a unique neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto's urban landscape. In 1985 the Bloor-Yorkville B.I.A. was founded to promote, improve, and maintain the area.

The community is home to the award winning Village of Yorkville Park, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Gardiner Ceramic Museum, high fashion retailers, unique boutiques, and over 125 spas & salons. Stop for a bite in a sidewalk cafe or intimate restaurant or visit some of North America's most distinguished commerical art galleries. Today Bloor-Yorkville is a fascinating blend of old and new.

Tel: 416-928-3553

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Fax: 416-929-2034

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